FoxGloves is a diverse team of professional horticulturalists and designers with varied backgrounds, education and certifications. We employ strong, energetic individuals who have a working knowledge of perennials and shrubs, enjoy being outdoors, have an eye for detail and a keen interest in gardening.

Grow with us as we plant and maintain gardens in a variety of beautiful locations, ranging from intimate urban environments to quaint Colonial villages to sprawling pastoral settings.

Seasonal Positions at FoxGloves

Gardening Supervisors
Our Supervisors have mastered fine gardening skills through many seasons of perennial gardening and pruning. They are well-organized individuals, with experience managing others and a solid knowledge of plants and proper horticultural practices.

Skilled Gardeners
Our Skilled Gardeners have several seasons of perennial gardening and pruning experience. They are afforded opportunities for participation in the design and installation of seasonal container plantings and bedding, as well as growth into supervisory roles.

General Gardeners
Our General Gardeners have gardening and seasonal task experience. They are directed by the supervisors and support the skilled gardeners while developing finer gardening skills and learning more advanced horticultural practices.


FoxGloves is an equal opportunity employer. We offer a professional work environment with competitive pay, horticultural training programs, and educational reimbursement. Contact us about a position at FoxGloves.

Careers in garden design

Echoing Autumn's splendor in the garden.